Blueberry & Raspberry Varieties 


Our blueberry plants are Northwest friendly varieties, between 2-3 years old (one gallon size) so it won't take long before you are able to enjoy fresh berries from your garden. We have put together some information to help you decide which plant is best for your growing conditions. 


Blueberry Bush Prices & Varieties:

One Gallon (2-3 years old) 


Bluegold -  One Gallon Pot 

Blue Gold blueberry produces fruit mid-season. It has bell shaped white flowers in the spring then shows light blue fruit which ripen early July. Red and purple foliage in the fall, sweet berries. 


Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Season: Mid-season

Height: 5-8 feet

Spread: 5-8 feet

Flavor: Sweet

Fruit Size: Medium-Large


Bonus - One Gallon Pot 

The Bonus variety of blueberry is very hardy and a voracious producer of fruit. Bonus produces one of the largest fruits (approximate size of a quarter). Fruit is firm with a good flavor. 


Sun: Full Sun                           

Season: Mid-Late Season        

Height: 5-6 feet     

 Spread: 4-6 feet

Flavor: Tasty                    

Fruit Size: Very Large


Burgundy - One Gallon Pot 

The Burgundy variety of blueberry is a mid-season berry with a wild flavor. It is a low growing bush, which produces small, light colored fruit. Produces gorgeous burgundy new growth


Sun: Full Sun                           

Season: Mid Season        

Height: 1 foot     

Spread: 1 foot

Flavor: Wild                 

Fruit Size: Small


Duke - One Gallon Pot 

The Duke blueberry is a very popular variety - it has a sweet flavor, produces a large fruit as well as produces a large quantity of berries over the season. Produces white and pink flowers in spring, yellow and orange foliage in the fall. Duke is an self pollinating blueberry, to produce more fruit you can cross pollinate. 


Sun: Full sun

Season: Early (June)

Height: 4-6 feet

Spread: 6-8 feet

Flavor: Sweet and Tangy

Fruit Size: Large


Elliott - One Gallon Pot 

The Elliott blueberry produces a large, firm fruit (about ½” in size). Bloom color is beautiful white with pink in spring, with burgundy stems in the off season. Needs loamy, well drained soil. This is a self-pollinator


Sun: Full sun

Season: Late Season

Height: 4-6 feet

Spread: 4-6 feet

Flavor: Sweet 

Fruit Size: Large


Patriot - One Gallon Pot

The Patriot blueberry is a great landscape shrub, with berries that are great for fresh eating, canning and freezing. It is hardy in colder temperatures and wet soil. Great fall color!

Sun: Full Sun                  

Season: Early season    

Height: 3-4 feet

Spread: 3-5 feet

Flavor: Slightly sweet           

Fruit Size:  Large



Sweetheart - One Gallon Pot 

The Sweetheart Blueberry is an early season blueberry that will produce a second harvest late in the season. Beautiful plant with uniquely shaped white blossoms and also a self-pollinating plant.


Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Season: Late spring, early summer (possible to get a second crop mid-August)

Height: 5-6 feet

Spread: 4-5 feet

Flavor: Sweet

Fruit SIze: Medium- Large



Top Hat - One Gallon Pot 

The Top Hat blueberry is a compact grower and produces a full size firm fruit. Fruit is sweet, but has a wild tart hint to it. Bell shaped light pink blooms - great plant for containers. Foliage turns a blaze of orange in fall.


Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Season: Summer

Height: 2 feet

Spread: 2 feet

Flavor: Sweet & tart

Fruit SIze: Medium




Raspberry Varieties:

Fall Gold

Golden raspberry that is self fertilizing, with the ability to produce two crops each growing season. First crop is late summer to early fall with a second crop arriving the following spring on the same canes. Ideal for fresh eating, jams, pies. Full sun, 4 feet tall to 3 feet wide.



Large yield, full flavor berries with a balance between sweet and tart; ripens in summer with a long harvest season. Ideal for fresh eating and freezing. Grows 4-6 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide. 



Fruit ripens in the later season (July and August) and can produce up to 50 days. Fruit is on the larger size, and full flavor. Full sun, 5 feet tall.  



Self pollinating, prolific producer of fruit. Medium size fruit, slightly tart in flavor. Full sun, fast growing. Can reach 6-10 feet in length


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