A brief history of Joe's Gardens...


Joe and Ann Bertero established Joe’s Gardens in the 1920’s, moving the farm to our current location in 1933. At the time, there were several truck farms in the area, trucking their produce from the garden to local markets and grocery stores. Today, Joe’s Gardens is one of the original remaining truck farms in the Northwest, harvesting our produce fresh and selling it to our community from our stand located at the farm.


In 1983, Carl and Karol Weston, together with their sons, Nathan and Jason, took over operations of the farm. Carl was fulfilling a life-long dream of running Joe’s Gardens; he had begun working with Joe in 1959. Upon assuming ownership, Carl made a conscious decision to free the soil of pesticides and to grow crops pesticide free. Products at Joe’s Gardens have been grown this way for over 25 years, and counting.


In 2007, Karol and Carl passed operations onto their sons, Jason and Nathan. The family works side by side, as Nathan and Jason inherit from Karol and Carl the same traditions passed on by Joe and Ann Bertero.


Not many things have changed at Joe’s Gardens over the years. We still believe in growing quality products that are affordable to all. A visit to Joe’s Gardens will be an experience that you and your taste buds will not soon forget. Visit often to enjoy all the flavors and flowers that spring, summer and fall have to offer.




Joe's Gardens

3110 Taylor Avenue

Bellingham, WA 98225